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What #BlackAF Taught Me About Serving My Niche

What #BlackAF Taught Me About Serving My Niche
Photo from IndieWire taken by Gabriel Delerme

If I’ve done anything consistently during the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be streaming WAY too many movies and shows on WAY too many platforms. With the overabundance of content, it feels like the minute you have watched everything, a new show/movie has just come out. Well, about two or three weeks ago, Black Twitter peeped me to the new show #BlackAF (see the trailer 👇🏾).

In a short synopsis, the show is about the family of Kenya Barris (creator of Black-ish and its spinoffs, Mixed-ish and Grown-ish) and their adjustment to a newfound upper-middle-class American socioeconomic status/lifestyle. All the while, trying to figure out what their blackness means in this new space. To say the show is funny is an understatement, and if you are a fan of the Office the humor will be familiar. Since the 8-episode season debut on Netflix, the show has had polarizing reviews. Either people seem to love it or hate it.

Regardless of the reviews, I believe that episode 5 has a lot to say to those who are pursuing entrepreneurship.

Super Serve Your Niche

In episode 5, Kenya is having a mid-life crisis of sorts in seeing a black film that he doesn’t think is quality, yet the black community loves it. This sends him on a quest asking different black people/celebrities what they think about the fictional film, wanting to know their honest critique.  One of the people he wants to get an opinion and advice from is Tyler Perry. During the conversation, Tyler Perry says some very wise nuggets of wisdom. While talking with Kenya, Tyler says:

“Nina Simone said this and I never forgot it. She said, “You will use up everything you got, trying to get everybody what they want.” You got to focus man. You know what I do?! I super serve my niche.”

When I watched this scene, that’s when I knew Tyler Perry did this:


This quote is powerful y’all, and if followed it can truly serve you and the business you are trying to create or just starting. Taking what Tyler Perry said literally, you give your best quality work to those who have come to know, appreciate, and value your products in their life. You super-serve and take care of those who benefit the most from what you create, knowing that more opportunity & money will flow naturally from that.

Maybe (Initially) You Don’t Have to Change the World….

I’m reminded of how Facebook and Amazon started in their early journeys as companies. Facebook wasn’t initially for everybody on the planet. Facebook existed to serve it’s most immediate and desiring niche: college students and their experiences. From there, it grew into the social media behemoth we know and use today. Same for Amazon. Amazon started as a small retail online bookstore serving its niche: book lovers who wanted a cheaper price on new and better books. It also has grown to what we know of it today, the everything store.

These companies, as well as other successful entrepreneurs, remind me that, maybe initially you don’t have to change the world or have the product that changes the game. Maybe you just notice an everyday problem you and/or others keep running into, and build the solution to help others with that problem. As time progresses, you keep refining the experience to better your products for your niche before thinking about others.

In my first blog since my website going live, I encountered a tough decision at the onset. I had to decide who am I writing to: am I trying to reach everyone? or really a subset of people? Having no audience/tribe to connect with, I wanted to connect with everyone! However, I wrestled because I knew, in reality, I had to start somewhere, but I didn’t know where exactly. Talking through it with my beautiful and smart wife and in addition to the Tyler Perry quote above, I knew who I wanted to write to.  I wanted to talk to my niche. People who look like me and who don’t and those who wish they could learn some coding concept or language in a simpler, fun, concise way. Identifying this niche (which took a few days), led me to not care what others say of the writing, but try to write a quality first blog post about python generators, to the best of my ability.

When you right, you right 🤷🏾‍♂️

Getting positive reviews from friends, family and even Reddit was all the encouragement I needed to move forward with this blog post and future code tutorials. I’d rather super serve my small but growing niche and provide value than to cast a wide net “trying to get everybody what they want”.

In conclusion, I’ll take Tyler’s advice, seeing he has the 330-acre lot to back it up. When you right, you right 🤷🏾‍♂️

Check out #BlackAF on Netflix (and even if you don’t want to, at least checkout episode 5 😂)

Until next time peeps! ✌🏾

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